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liblognorm Python bindings

Liblognorm is a log normalization library capable of real-time processing. It can convert logs from flat string-blob format to one of several standard formats (e.g. CEE or JSON).

This is a Python bindings for liblognorm 1.1.x.


import liblognorm
import sys
import json

print liblognorm.version() # version liblognorm (not the binding module)

rulebase = "parsing.rules"
lognorm = liblognorm.Lognorm(rulebase)
log_line = sys.stdin.readline()
event = lognorm.normalize(log_line.rstrip("\n"))
print json.dumps(event)

Contact and License

python-liblognorm is written by Stanislaw Klekot for Korbank S.A The primary distribution point is

python-liblognorm is distributed under 3-clause BSD license. See COPYING file for details.