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poire-z committed 580b38e Jul 5, 2020
bump crengine: memory fixes, speedup, bg image enhancements (#6350)
- Cleanup some files permissions
- (Upstream) Font: improve management of HarfBuzz features
- (Upstream) Fix invalid cache usage
- (Upstream) Fix many memory errors, allow boxing when cache file
- Disable hasCacheFile()/setBoxingWishedButPreventedByCache()
- globalHash: exclude some settings on initial loading
- CSS: optimize pseudoclass nth-child() and friends
- (Multiple) Fix/silence/avoid clang warnings
- Don't mangle source pixel when alpha-blending to 8bpp
- (Upstream) HyphMan cleanup
- Rendering methods: remove erm_runin
- Text formatting: simplify 'display: run-in' handling
- Simplify background image drawing
- CSS: adds support for "background-size" property
- CSS: support background:url("data:image/png;base64,...)
- Fix elements cancelling inherited "white-space: pre"
- initNodeStyle(): skip some possibly costly validation


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Aug 24, 2015


KOReader is a document viewer primarily aimed at e-ink readers.

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Main features

  • portable: runs on embedded devices (Cervantes, Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook, reMarkable), Android and Linux computers. Developers can run a KOReader emulator in Linux and MacOS.

  • multi-format documents: supports fixed page formats (PDF, DjVu, CBT, CBZ) and reflowable e-book formats (EPUB, FB2, Mobi, DOC, CHM, TXT). Scanned PDF/DjVu documents can also be reflowed with the built-in K2pdfopt library.

  • full-featured reading: multi-lingual user interface with a highly customizable reader view and many typesetting options. You can set arbitrary page margins, override line spacing and choose external fonts and styles. It has multi-lingual hyphenation dictionaries bundled into the application.

  • integrated with calibre (search metadata, receive ebooks wirelessly, browse library via OPDS), Evernote (export hightlights), Wallabag, Wikipedia, Google Translate and other content providers.

  • optimized for e-ink devices: custom UI without animation, with paginated menus, adjustable text contrast, and easy zoom to fit content or page in paged media.

  • extensible: via plugins

  • and much more: look up words with StarDict dictionaries / Wikipedia, add your own online OPDS catalogs and RSS feeds, share ebooks with other KOReader devices wirelessly, online over-the-air software updates, an FTP client, an SSH server, …

Please check the wiki to discover more features and to help us document them.



Please follow the model specific steps for your device:



Setting a build environmentCollaborating with GitBuilding targetsPortingDeveloper docs


KOReader is developed and supported by volunteers all around the world. There are many ways you can help:

Right now we only support liberapay donations, but you can also create a bounty to motivate others to work on a specific bug or feature request.

Also if you have and old Pocketbook device you don't want, we might find it useful to tinker a bit with that platform. Please contact us through the forum or GitHub.


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