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[UX] VirtualKeyPopup: respond to hold & pan release #4887

merged 3 commits into from Apr 9, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -131,6 +131,18 @@ function VirtualKey:init()
range = self.dimen,
HoldReleaseKey = {
ges = "hold_release",
range = self.dimen,
PanReleaseKey = {
ges = "pan_release",
range = self.dimen,
SwipeKey = {
ges = "swipe",
@@ -219,6 +231,9 @@ function VirtualKey:onSwipeKey(arg, ges)
return true

VirtualKey.onHoldReleaseKey = VirtualKey.onTapSelect
VirtualKey.onPanReleaseKey = VirtualKey.onTapSelect

function VirtualKey:invert(invert, hold)
if invert then
self[1].inner_bordersize = self.focused_bordersize
@@ -298,11 +313,21 @@ function VirtualKeyPopup:init()
key_chars = key_chars,
width = parent_key.width,
height = parent_key.height,
hold_callback = nil,
virtual_key.hold_callback = nil

if v == key_char_orig then
virtual_key[1].background = Blitbuffer.COLOR_LIGHT_GRAY

-- restore ability to hold/pan release on central key after opening popup
virtual_key._keyOrigHoldPanHandler = function()
virtual_key.onHoldReleaseKey = virtual_key._onHoldReleaseKey
virtual_key.onPanReleaseKey = virtual_key._onPanReleaseKey
virtual_key._onHoldReleaseKey = virtual_key.onHoldReleaseKey
virtual_key.onHoldReleaseKey = virtual_key._keyOrigHoldPanHandler
virtual_key._onPanReleaseKey = virtual_key.onPanReleaseKey
virtual_key.onPanReleaseKey = virtual_key._keyOrigHoldPanHandler

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poire-z Apr 9, 2019


What does all that allow?
Not really understanding - looks to me you hold on the original keyboard key - and this virtual key (even with the same letter) is another VirtualKey object, so when you release that second one, the first one should still work. (?)

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Frenzie Apr 9, 2019

Author Member

This doesn't allow anything. ;-) It restricts the central key in the popup from responding as if there were an intentional hold release after opening. But after opening, it felt odd when it didn't respond like any other key.


table.insert(group, virtual_key)
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