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Installation on BQ devices

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Instructions here require Developers FW, which is no longer available for users running stock. If that's your case you're out of luck.

You'll need an SD card.

  1. Install Developer firmware and enable telnet.
  2. Download KOReader dependencies
  3. (Optional) download a tool used to enable USB mass storage support on KOReader
  4. Download KOReader
  5. Copy KOReader and dependencies to the SD card
  6. Insert the SD card on your e-reader and start a telnet connection.
  7. Uncompress/install KOReader and KOReader dependencies:
mv /mnt/sd/ko* /mnt/private
cd /mnt/private
tar -xvf ko-deps*.tar.gz
dpkg -i *.deb
unzip koreader-cervantes*.zip

You can run KOReader from telnet with /mnt/private/koreader/

This will stop the stock reader while KOReader is running and return to it when KOReader exits.

If you are happy with KOReader and want to use it at boot you need to do

cp /etc/rc.local /etc/rc.local.backup
cp /mnt/private/koreader/ /etc/rc.local

You can check the entire installation instructions and some device details in the official post on Mobileread.


Basic reading controls (click to open)
Advanced reading controls (click to open)
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