KOReader Gestures

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KOReader on Kindle Touch/Paperwhite supports various multi-touch gestures.

Features that can be triggered by gestures:

Page up/prev.

  • Single tap on the left (first quarter of the screen)

Page down/next

  • Single tap on the right (remaining three quarters of the screen)

Display main menu/config menu

  • Single tap on the upper center of the screen

Dismiss main/config menu

  • Single tap outside of the menu frame

Page turn in menus

  • Next page: swipe to the left
  • Previous page: swipe to the right

Add highlight

  • Select the text you need to highlight with a long tap and select the Highlight option from the pop-up menu. It will be automatically added to the bookmarks list

Remove highlight

  • Tap on the highlight you want to remove and select the Delete option from the pop-up menu

Add/remove bookmark on the current page

  • Single tap on the upper right corner

Toggle flipping mode

  • Single tap on the upper left corner

Set page zoom mode

  • Page: Diagonal pinch
  • PageWidth: Horizontal pinch
  • PageHeight: Vertical pinch
  • Content: Diagonal zoom
  • ContentWidth: Horizontal zoom
  • ContentHeight: Vertical zoom

Set screen rotation (portrait/landscape)

  • Rotate on screen with an angle larger than 15 degrees


  • Tap on diagonally opposed corners of the screen with two fingers at the same time
  • Or swipe from any corner to the diagonally opposed corner of the screen on devices without multi-touch support

Manual screen refresh

  • Swipe diagonally

Frontlight control

  • Slide down/up with two fingers at the same time on multi-touch devices