Tips and Tricks

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1. Page flipping mode (only for PDF and DjVu)

A single tap in the top left corner of the screen will enable page flipping mode. This is indicated by an icon of an open book. In page flipping mode panning (moving your finger tip on the screen slowly) horizontally will flip pages with steps 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 according to the panning distance, and panning vertically will flip pages proportionally (proportion to the whole page number according to the panning distance proportion to the whole screen height).

Swipe right will bring you back to the original page where you entered the page flipping mode. (In order to flip pages in flipping mode, we must first set the zoom mode to "Zoom to fit page". Note that the zoom mode set in flipping mode does not affect zoom mode in regular reading.)

2. Bookmark browsing mode (only for PDF and DjVu)

Long press at the top right corner of the screen will bring you into bookmark browsing mode in which swipe left and right will show last and next bookmarked pages respectively. Another long press at the top right corner will exit back to normal reading mode.

3. Disabling AutoSuspend feature (Kobo only).

To disable AutoSuspend (by default it will kick in after 60 minutes of inactivity) add this line to the file settings.reader.lua at the end of return {...}:

["auto_suspend_timeout_seconds"] = -1

adding a comma to the previous line, so the structure is maintained. If you want to have AutoSuspend feature, but prefer a different timeout, just set the value (in seconds) instead of -1 above.

4. Setting default dictionary

Single tap on the dictionary title will make current dictionary the default dictionary for this document.

5. Switching progress bar states

Single tap on the mini progress bar will switch between various modes. You can try tapping slightly above the progress bar if this doesn't work. You can also use "Status bar" menu to show all this info at once. Long touch on the progress bar will invoke the "Goto page" dialog.

6. Flipped landscape screen orientation

A tap on the "landscape" option in screen mode panel of the reader config window when the screen is already in landscape mode will flip the landscape screen by 180 degrees.

7. Quick go back from link

After following links in both EPUB and PDF documents, you can easily go back to the original page by executing a swipe from left to right.

8. Lookup new words in dictionary window

A long press on the word title (the red box in the following screenshot) in the dictionary window will popup an inputbox in which you can enter new words to lookup in dictionaries or on Wikipedia.

Input new word in dict

9. Fine tuning of crop box

There is an anchor at the middle point of each edge of the cropping box. Swipping around the anchors will adjust the position of the edge.