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Minor update in Makefile.

	Change the Makefile's influential configuration variables to
	take their value either from env or from make directly.

	Signed-off-by: Korkakakis Nikos <>
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commit 70680e991a47493717b531c363184c23d0638382 1 parent bddc3de
@korkakak authored
Showing with 8 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +8 −8 Makefile
16 Makefile
@@ -19,23 +19,23 @@
SHELL = /bin/sh
# The C compiler and linker to use
-CC = gcc
-CFLAGS = -g -O2 -Wall
-LD = gcc
+CC ?= gcc
+CFLAGS ?= -g -O2 -Wall
+LD ?= gcc
# Feature flags:
# define TLF_FONTS to use TOIlet TLF fonts
# Where to install files
-prefix = /usr/local
+prefix ?= /usr/local
# Where the executables should be put
-BINDIR = $(prefix)/bin
+BINDIR ?= $(prefix)/bin
# Where the man page should be put
-MANDIR = $(prefix)/man
+MANDIR ?= $(prefix)/man
# Where figlet will search first for fonts (the ".flf" files).
DEFAULTFONTDIR = $(prefix)/share/figlet
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