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Multiplatform Kotlin Game Engine

Build Status Maven Central Discord

Accepting Donations/Sponsorship via Bitcoin: bc1qfmnd2jazh6czsuvvvy5rc3fxwsfvj6e8zwesdg

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If you like korge, or want your company logo here, please consider becoming a GitHub sponsor ★,

Info about the project:

KorGE is a modern multiplatform game engine for Kotlin. Features include:

  • Hot Reloading
    • KorGE supports HotReloading to see changes immediately without having to restart the application
  • KProject support
    • Share & re-use source code and resources via GitHub
  • Debugger
    • Live-debug your games
  • 100% Kotlin
    • KorGE is fully written in Kotlin and designed from the ground up to embrace modern and easy coding styles
  • Multiplatform
    • KorGE gradle plugin allows to target the following platforms: JVM for Android, JS & WASM for the Web, native code for iOS, and JVM/JS for Desktop
  • Quick installation
    • Install the KorGE IntelliJ Plugin or clone the “Hello World!” project and start making your own game in less than a minute
  • Fully productive
    • Since KorGE targets the JVM, you can develop your game, try it, debug it and test it using IntelliJ IDEA
  • Tons of features
    • KorGE is just the last layer of a larger stack (Korlibs) for multimedia development
  • Small footprint
    • KorGE has a very small footprint. It has no external dependencies and only uses the libraries available on each platform

For more information, visit:


KorGE and all the other korlibs in a single monorepo.

To use this version in other projects, you have to publish it locally to mavenLocal, and then use 999.0.0.999 as version:

./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

If you want to make changes and easily try things. You can run the korge-sandbox module that runs the src/commonMain/kotlin/Main.kt file; you can make experiments there:

./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runJvm
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runJs
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runAndroidRelease
./gradlew :korge-sandbox:runIosDeviceRelease

KorGE Store

Traditionally all the KorGE modules were published to central and their source code was available here, now they are available via kproject in separate repositories. You can find a catalog of all the published extensions here: