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KorGE Game Engine

KorGE Game Engine is an Open Source modern Game Engine created in Kotlin programming language designed to be extremely portable and really enjoyable to use.

It works for Desktop, Web and Mobile. But allows to create other targets easily. And it is full asynchronous so it is nice to web.


KorGE uses intelliJ as IDE + Gradle for building. You can check how to set-up the environment here.


KorGE uses Kotlin several other soywiz's Korlibs libraries and optionally JTransc to work:


  • Right now with Korge you can target JVM, Android and JavaScript.
  • And with JavaScript you can generate iOS/Android using Apache Cordova.

Kotlin.JS and Kotlin.Native

At this point KorGE uses JTransc for generating other targets than normal Java/Kotlin targets. When Kotlin supports reflection in JavaScript and Native, KorGE will target that instead of using JTransc. While keeping JTransc for other targets like C#/AS3 or when mixing Java libraries with Kotlin code.


  • It is planned a target for AS3 Adobe AIR (iOS and Android).
  • A C# target for UWP applications.
  • And native C++ targets for iOS, Android and other platforms.

Soywiz's korlibs are very portable so they can adapt to every major platform.

Where to start:

You can start reading about the setup, the basics, reading tutorials or watching video tutorials.

Coming from other engines?