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Jekyll GPG Clearsign

Jekyll GPG Clearsign is a Jekyll plugin for clear signing your posts via GPG. We wrap the armor in html comments, but will verify entirely correct if copied from '-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----' to '-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----', including the added --> and <!-- comments inside of the armor.


Copy or link gpg_clearsign.rb into your _plugins folder for your Jekyll project.

If your Jekyll project is in a git repository, you can easily manage your plugins by utilizing git submodules.

To install this plugin as a git submodule:

git submodule add git:// _plugins/gpg_clearsign

To update:

cd _plugins/gpg_clearsign
git pull origin master

Set your default layout to use {{ content | gpg_clearsign }} vs {{ content }} or enable it globally via enabling GPGClearsign in _config.yml. GPGClearsign only works for completely static pages. Any liquid templates will break the validation. This is why {{ content | gpg_clearsign }} is the recommended usage.



Rob Smith, kormoc on GitHub


MIT, see LICENSE file.