Starter Angular JS 2 app with Backand SDK for Angular JS 2
TypeScript HTML JavaScript CSS


This project was generated with angular-cli version 1.0.0-beta.16.

To use the project with angular-cli, install it:

npm install -g angular-cli

Then install dependendencies with:

npm install


Uses angular2bknd-sdk. See angular2bknd-sdk about required dependencies.

App Structure

The app structure is the standard Angular JS 2 structure. The app code is the src folder. The app starts AppModule from app.modulet.ts, and does a bootstrap of AppComponent from app.componenet.ts. The app uses a Router, and constructs the routes in app-routing.modules.ts.

AppComponent shows a navigation bar, and using router-outlet switches views.

Layout of app is done using SASS.

Using angular-cli, we generate screens with:

ng generate component my-new-component

Each screen forms a folder under src with four files:

  • ts - typescript component
  • html - html template
  • scss - SASS for styling of template
  • spec.ts - tests



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