Python libs for accessing Frostbite stuff
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  This repository contains libraries that access various
  formats that Battlefield 3 uses.  Currently it reads most
  of the .sb/.toc/.m/.cas and .cat files as well as the
  usersettings of the game.

  // Superbundle Files

    - Overall Format

      I don't know how the engine calls these files internally
      but they are by far the most common file format that
      Frostbite 2 has.  They exist in two formats: unencrypted
      and signed and XOR encrypted.  To keep them apart from
      each other the engine seems to use the 4 byte header
      00D1CE00 at the beginning of files.

      If a file starts with 00D1CE00 a hash will be located at
      0x08 in the file and start with the ascii letter "x",
      then 256 ascii letters which are the hash and then again
      the letter "x".  What this hash is used for I do not know.

      The lookup table for the XOR encryption then is located
      at 0x0128 and is 257 characters long.  It is followed by
      XOR encrypted data.  For each character read the following
      decryption has to be applied:

        for (int i = 0; i < data_size; i++)
          data[i] = data[i] ^ magic[i % 257] ^ 0x7b;

      If the file does not start with that header the payload
      starts at byte zero directly.

    - File Format Description

      The file can be described as a form of binary JSON.  It
      generally is a nested structure of dictionarys or lists
      and some scalar types as well as strings and blobs.

      Each object is prefixed with a typecode and some flags:

        uint8 byte = read_single_byte();
        int flags = byte >> 5;
        int typecode = byte & 0x1f;

      I don't know what the flags are doing but for reading the
      files it seems that you can ignore them.  The following
      typecodes exist:

        0           None / nil
        1           List
        2           Dict
        5           Unknown (8 bytes)
        6           Bool
        7           Binary String
        8           int32
        9           int64
        15          UUID
        16          SHA1
        19          Variable Length Quantity (varint)

      Strings are prefixed with the number of bytes as varint.
      Lists and dicts are prefixed with the number of elements
      they contain of but they are also delimited by `None` at
      the end.

      Dicts are interesting in that they move the typecode of
      the value of the dict before the key which means that
      you need to read "typecode key value" where value is no
      longer prefixed with a typecode.

  // CAS / CAT files

    - CAS File Format

      CAS files are the data source for everything the engine
      reads.  All the assets are stored in CAS files.  The CAS
      files by themselves can be dumped to the filesystem
      without the help of the CAT file but finding things in
      that file would be O(n) as such the CAT file exists which
      is a catalog of all the CAS files.

      struct entry {
          char header[4];
          char sha1[20];
          int32 data_length;
          char padding[4];

      The header for all entries in the CAS file are always

    - CAT File Format

      CAS Catalogs are very similar.  They start with the
      header "NyanNyanNyanNyan" and after that they list all
      the contents of all CAS files with the additional
      information of position, size and which CAS file they
      are from:

      struct entry {
          char sha1[20];
          int32 offset;
          int32 size;
          int32 cas_num;

      The cas num is the name of the cas file.  "2" would
      indicate "cas_02.cas" etc.

  // How Does The Engine Find Stuff?

    - File Identifiers

      The sha1 hashes in the CAS/CAT are the SHA1 hash of the
      contents of the file.  This is also how the engine looks
      them up which indicates that it does not do a md5 hash
      of the filename.  The .toc/.sb files in combination have
      UUIDs for bundles which then have a bunch of SHA1 hashes
      which point to files in the CAS files.

      Additionally there is a bom.fb2 file which seems to be
      unused by the game.  Once decrypted with the algorithm
      from above it exposes a zip file made up of .m files
      which point to various parts in the archives.  Yet the
      patch does not have such a bom.fb2 file.