A simple CMS for artists, modeled after Indexhibit.
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Version 2



  • minimalistic black and white layout
  • simple navigation sidebar: Sections and Pages
  • each page has a text and/or pictures
  • click on a picture to see just it on a white page
  • pretty URLs
  • no admin interface, just log in with password and change stuff
  • upload new pictures by dragging files into the browser
  • thumbnails show relative sizes of the pictures
  • text formatting with Markdown
  • responsive layout for small screens
  • less than 500 lines of code




You're free to use this software, share it, and change any part of it EXCEPT for the background color. If you do that, please change the name.

I'm writing an Indexhibit clone for juliaschramm.com, let's see how that goes :) -- @korny, 2013-03-24