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Minimap plugin for Vim

For Japanese please read README_JA.mkd.

Minimap is a file overview sidebar plugin for Vim like the Sublime's Minimap. It only works with Gvim or MacVim.

How it works

Minimap utilizes a new buffer and sets the fonts size to 3 points. It then synchronizes the Minimap buffer with the main editing buffer.

Minimap Animation



Regular installation

  • Download zip archive from GitHub
  • Unzip the archive
cd unzipped-dir
cp -r plugin ~/.vim/
cp -r autoload ~/.vim/
  • Restart Gvim or MacVim

Install with Janus

cd ~/.janus
git clone minimap

How to use

Open Gvim or MacVim

:e /some/long/file.code


This plugin is very experimental. Not suitable for production.