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#ifndef __TABBASE_HPP_
#define __TABBASE_HPP_
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include <wx/notebook.h>
struct TabBase : wxPanel
wxNotebook *book;
// Current tab placement in the wxNotebook. MUST be set to -1 when
// not inserted!
int tabNum;
TabBase(wxNotebook *parent)
: wxPanel(parent), book(parent), tabNum(-1)
// Called when the tab is selected, letting the tab to direct focus
// to a sub-element.
virtual void takeFocus() = 0;
// Called regularly to update information. Currently called for all
// tabs, will soon only be called for the visible tab. Default is to
// do nothing.
virtual void tick() {}
// Called whenever the root data table has changed, basically
// instructing a complete reset on everything that depends on the
// game database.
virtual void dataChanged() = 0;
// Insert this tab into the wxNotebook, if it has any content
virtual void insertMe()
book->AddPage(this, wxT(""));
tabNum = book->GetPageCount() - 1;
// Select this tab, if it is inserted into the book. Returns true if
// selection was successful.
bool selectMe()
if(tabNum >= 0)
return true;
return false;
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