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This is a small collection of plugins for the BibTex editor JabRef. Currently it contains plugins:

  • fetchArxiv
  • renamefile

In order to install any plugin one has to

  1. download the jar file for the plugin
  2. go to Plugins/Manage plugins/Install plugin in JabRef
  3. install the downloaded file


This plugin can be used to download a preprint information from by providing its arXiv ID. The ID is saved in the BibTex entry field "eprint".


This plugin can be used to rename/copy/delete files attached to BibTex entries. The file information is stored in the entry field "file". Files can be renamed according to their BibTeX entry. The rename pattern uses an extended syntax of the BibTeX key generator of JabRef. For more infromation and examples see the help page of the plugin.

The newest versions can be found here. The older versions can be found here.