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Ultimate character sheet generator project. All in one files with random generator, saving and printing.
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Ultimate character sheet generator project. Compact solution with random generator, saving and printing, they are all able to work from filesystem.


Easy to download and use(no installing process or dependencies except if online available for example jQuery, google apis etc ). Offers Manual and Randomised Character Generation and edition. Able to save and load the data locally ( or through free storage like Google API). Can print a character sheet resembling the original character sheets.

May will do even more like PDFs etc...

/Doc/Use Case Overview.jpg

##Technology Opensource only Multiplatform HTML5, js, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, Sass, AngularJs

##Current Character Sheet Generators

Paranoia 2nd Edition - Alpha version 0.8 (mostly works, saves only one character)

Call of Chtulhu - Alpha 0.1

Warhammer Fantasy - Alpha 0.1


Hosted on Github

You can also run it from your local file system (requires internet access for java libs)

Licence: GPLv2

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