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Cuda MATLAB Python C
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A python wrapper for YacuDecu (

Reads a list of files from a directory (list of filenames is given as "filenames_input" variable, puts each file out according to strings saved in "filename_output".

An example dataset is given.

The PSF should have the same pixel size and z spacing as the image file, but does not need to be full size as the file is zero-padded in XYZ (works best for "even" z stack sizes, but pads also for uneven ones; the XY size should be even, so far the padding does not correct for uneven XY sizes)

The YacuDecu folder also contains the original YacuDecu files with changes to "" Changes:

  • The function "FloatDiv" checks if any of the data values is 0 to prevent div0 errors, if data at a specific point is 0 or extremely close to 0 ( > 0.00001), the division is not performed, but rather the value is set to 0. This is important if e.g. padded data is used.
  • Some parts of the "" file are annotated

For questions & comments please contact Kay Schink ( Twitter: @kschink

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