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Mock SMTP server for development/testing. Save SMTP requests as HTML.
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= mocksmtpd

== Description

Mocksmtpd is a SMTP server for developping and testing web application. This SMTP server does not send mail anywhere. Otherwise, save all mails as HTML format.

You can test mail using browser testing tools like Selenium.

=== Screenshot

== Installation

=== Archive Installation

	rake install

=== Gem Installation

	gem sources -a
	gem install koseki-mocksmtpd

== Quick Start

	$ mocksmtpd init
	$ cd ./mocksmtpd
	$ sudo mocksmtpd

== Usaage

	mocksmtpd init [dirname] ... create log,inbox dir and config file.
	mocksmtpd                ... start as console mode.
	mocksmtpd start          ... start as daemon.
	mocksmtpd stop           ... stop running daemon.

=== Options

The default config file is ./mocksmtpd.conf, but you can specify any other file using -f option.

	-f / --config=FILE       ... Specify config file.
	--help                   ... Show help.
	--version                ... Show version.

== Features/Problems

== Synopsis

== Copyright

Author:: KOSEKI Kengo <>
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2008 
License:: Ruby Licence
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