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# swank-newlisp.lsp -- Swank server for newLISP. -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2009-2010 KOBAYASHI Shigeru (kosh)
# This file is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
# License as distributed with newLISP.
;;; Commentary:
;; This is tiny Swank server written by newLISP [1]. It has been
;; tested with newLISP v.10.1.2 on Ubuntu UTF-8.
;; [1] newlISP is a Lisp-like, general-purpose scripting language.
;;; Installation
;; 1. Install newlisp binary (or compile from source).
;; <>
;; 2. Add something like this to your .emacs:
;; (defun swank-newlisp-init (port-filename coding-system)
;; (format "%S\n" `(swank:start-server ,port-filename)))
;; (setq slime-protocol-version nil) ; ignore version query (if need)
;; (defvar swank-newlisp-filename "./swank-newlisp.lsp") ; This file
;; (defun slime-newlisp ()
;; (interactive)
;; (let ((slime-lisp-implementations
;; `((newlisp ("newlisp" "-n" ,swank-newlisp-filename)
;; :init swank-newlisp-init
;; :coding-system utf-8-unix))))
;; (slime 'newlisp)))
;; 3. Use `M-x slime-newlisp' to start it.
;; 4. If you want to kill swank process,
;; use `M-x slime-repl-sayoonara' (or `slime-quit-lisp')
;;; ChangeLog:
;; 2010-04-11 newLISPのバージョンアップに対応 (v10.1.12: s/name/term/)
;; win32にてstdoutの出力を拾えるように修正(add win32-peek)
;; 2009-09-12 初版作成。REPLが動くくらい
;;; Code:
(context MAIN)
(define-macro (defglobal symbol var)
(set (global symbol) (eval var)))
(defglobal t true)
(defglobal *stdin 0)
(defglobal *stdout 1)
(defglobal *stderr 2)
(context 'swank) ; (in-package :swank)
;;;; Common Lisp like functions
(define let* letn)
(define defparameter define)
(define-macro (defvar symbol value doc)
"Define variable if SYMBOL value is nil."
(if (nil? (eval symbol))
(set symbol (eval value)))
;; @syntax (defun fname arglist body...)
(define-macro (defun)
(set (args 0) (append (lambda ) (cons (args 1) (2 (args))))))
;;; The `DEFSLIMEFUN' macro defines a function that Emacs can call via RPC.
(define defslimefun defun)
(define progn begin)
(define-macro (prog1 form1)
(let ((result (eval form1)))
(map eval (args))
(define-macro (prog2 form1 form2)
(letex ((_body (cons 'begin (args))))
(eval form1)
(prog1 (eval form2) _body))))
(define (make-string n (init "\000"))
(dup init n))
(define-macro (loop) ; simple loop
(let ((return throw))
(catch (while true (map eval (args))))))
;; @syntax (read-sequence sequence stream)
(define-macro (read-sequence)
(net-receive (eval (args 1))
(eval (args 0))
(string-length (eval (args 0)))))
(define (write-string str (stream *stdout))
(net-send stream str))
;; ちょっと適当
(define (listen stream)
(< 0 (or (peek stream)
(net-peek stream)
;; @syntax (unwind-protect protected-form cleanup-form*) => result
(define-macro (unwind-protect form)
(local (result)
(if (catch (eval form) 'result)
(begin (map eval (args)) result)
(begin (map eval (args)) (throw-error result)))))
;; (define read-from-string read-expr)
;; (define-macro (simple-restart restart-designer)
;; ;;(mapset (restart-name format-control format-arguments) restart-designer
;; (local (restart-handler)
;; (cond ((catch 'restart-handler (last (map eval (args))))
;; restart-handler)
;; ("else"
;; (println (apply format (rest restart-designer)))
;; nil))
;; ))
;; (def)
(define (find-symbol str (ctx (context)))
(sym str ctx nil))
;;;; newLISP Utility
(if (primitive? utf8len)
(define string-length utf8len)
(define string-length length))
;; (or (primitive? peek) (define peek net-peek))
;; for "Win32"
(unless (primitive? peek)
(define (win32-peek fd)
(or (net-peek fd)
(let ((ptr (seek fd)))
(when ptr
(- (seek fd -1) (seek fd ptr))))))
(define peek win32-peek)
(define (utf8?)
"Non-nil means newLISP is UTF-8 eoncoding are supported."
(primitive? MAIN:utf8))
;; to use `sys-error' `last-error' `net-error'
(define (error-number err) (if (list? err) (nth 0 err) -1))
(define (error-text err) (if (list? err) (nth 1 err) "What error?"))
(define (find-context obj)
"Return context named OBJ. If not found, then return nil."
(let ((x (cond ((string? obj) (eval-string obj MAIN nil))
((symbol? obj) (eval-string (term obj) MAIN nil))
("else" obj))))
(if (context? x) x nil)))
(define symbol-name term)
(define context-name prefix)
(define (symbol-context x) (find-context (context-name x)))
;; (define even? (lambda (n) (= (& n 0x01) 0)))
;;;; TCP Server
(define (create-socket host port)
(or (net-listen port host)
(throw-error (error-text (net-error)))))
(define (local-port socket) (nth 1 (net-local socket)))
(define (close-socket socket) (net-close socket))
(define (accept-connection socket) (net-accept socket))
(define (getpid) (sys-info -3))
(defvar *coding-system* (if (utf8?) "UTF-8" "Shift_JIS"))
(defvar *loopback-interface* "") ; "localhost"
(defvar default-server-port 4005)
(defvar *emacs-connection*)
(define (start-server port-file)
(setup-server default-server-port
(lambda (port)
(announce-server-port port-file port)
(simple-announce-function port))))
(define (create-server (port default-server-port))
(setup-server port simple-announce-function))
(define (setup-server port announce-fn)
(let ((socket (create-socket *loopback-interface* port)))
(announce-fn (local-port socket))
(let ((accept (accept-connection socket)))
(serve-requests accept)
(close-socket accept))))
(close-socket socket))))
(define (serve-requests connection)
(let ((*emacs-connection* connection))
(dispatch-event (read-from-emacs))) ; dispatch-loop
;; (define (stop-server port) (close-socket *listener-sockets*))
;; (define (restart-server port dont-close) (stop-server port) (sleep 500) (create-server port dont-close))
;; write-file ?
(define (announce-server-port file port)
(append-file file (format "%d\n" port)))
(define (simple-announce-function port)
(log-event ";; Listening on port: %d\n" port))
(define (read-from-emacs)
(decode-message *emacs-connection*))
(define (decode-message stream)
(let* ((len (decode-message-length stream))
(str (make-string len "@"))
(pos (read-sequence str stream)))
(if (!= len pos) (log-event ";; Short read: %s\n" str))
(string-to-rpc str)))
(define (decode-message-length stream)
(let ((buffer (make-string 6 "@")))
(read-sequence buffer stream)
(integer buffer 0 16))) ; read integer as hex (0x10)
;;; *** enable multibyte char [1]
(when (and (!= ostype "Win32")
(define (decode-message stream)
(let* ((len (decode-message-length stream))
(str (make-string len "@")))
(dotimes (i len)
(setf (str i) (char (read-utf8 stream))))
(if (!= len (string-length str)) (log-event ";; Short read: %s\n" str))
;; (log-event "READ: %s\n" (to-string str))
(string-to-rpc str)))
;;; *** enable multibyte char [2]
;; (define (decode-message stream)
;; (local (header str)
;; (net-receive stream header 6)
;; (net-receive stream str 1024) ; read buffer, but HEADER length ignored
;; (if (!= (int header 0 0x10) (utf8len str))
;; (log-event ";; Short read: %s\n" str))
;; (string-to-rpc str)) )
(define (send-to-emacs object)
(encode-message object *emacs-connection*))
(define (emacs-write-string str)
(send-to-emacs (list ":write-string" str)))
(define (emacs-new-package ctx)
(send-to-emacs (list ":new-package"
(context-name ctx)
(context-string-for-prompt ctx))))
(define (encode-message message stream)
(let* ((str (rpc-to-string message))
(len (string-length str)))
(log-event "WRITE: %s\n" str)
(write-string (format "%06x" len) stream)
(write-string str stream)))
;; Normal RPC -> (:emacs-rex ...)
;; newLISP RPC -> (":emacs-rex" ...)
(define (dispatch-event event)
(log-event "DISPATCHING: %s\n" (string event))
(case (event 0)
(":emacs-rex" ; (:emacs-rex form package thread-id id)
(apply emacs-rex (rest event)))
(letex ((_id (event -1)))
(log-event "Unhandled event: %s\n" (string event))
;; (send-to-emacs '(":write-string" "; Evaluation aborted.\n" ":repl-result"))
(send-to-emacs '(":return" (":abort") _id))
;; (throw-to-toplevel)
;; (define (simple-repl)
;; (loop
;; (print (format "%s> " (context-name (context))))
;; (let ((expr (read-expr (read-line))))
;; (cond ((null? (current-line)) (println "; No value"))
;; ("else" (println (eval expr)))))))
;;;; Logging
(defvar *log-events* true)
(defvar *log-output* *stderr)
;; @syntax (log-event format-string args+)
(define (log-event)
(when *log-events*
(write-buffer *log-output* (apply format (args)))))
;;;; IO to Emacs
;; (string-to-rpc "(:emacs-rex (swank:swank-require :swank-presentations) \"COMMON-LISP-USER\" :repl-thread 3)" )
;; => (":emacs-rex" (swank:swank-require ":swank-presentations") "COMMON-LISP-USER" ":repl-thread" 3)
(define (string-to-rpc str)
(let ((to-rpc
(lambda (lst)
(let ((rpc '()) (kwd? nil))
(dolist (x lst)
(cond ((and (symbol? x) (= (symbol-name x) ":"))
(setq kwd? true))
(push (format ":%s" (symbol-name x)) rpc -1) ; x -> ":x"
(setq kwd? nil))
((list? x)
(push (to-rpc x) rpc -1))
(push x rpc -1))))
(to-rpc (read-expr str))))
;; (rpc-to-string '(":emacs-rex" (":return" expr) id))
;; => "(:emacs-rex (:return expr) id)"
(define (rpc-to-string form)
(let ((create-rpc
(lambda (x)
(cond ((and (string? x)
;; (even? $idx)
(= (x 0) ":"))
(sym x)) ; ":x" -> :x
((and (list? x) (not (lambda? x)) (not (macro? x)))
(map create-rpc x))
("else" x)))))
(string (map create-rpc form))))
;; or prin1-to-string
;; (read-expr (to-string STRING)) === STRING
(define (to-string obj)
(cond ((string? obj) (format "\"%s\"" (replace "\\" obj "\\\\")))
("else" (string obj))))
;; (define (pseudo-debug exc)
;; (let ((level 1))
;; (send-to-emacs `(":debug" 0 ,level ,@(sldb-info exc 0 20)))
;; (unwind-protect
;; (sldb-loop exc)
;; (send-to-emacs `(":debug-return" 0 ,level nil)))))
;; (define (sldb-loop exc) (while true (dispatch (read-packet @io))))
;; (define (sldb-info exc start _end) )
;; (define (sldb-restarts exc) '(("Quit" "SLIME top-level.")))
;; (define (sldb-backtrace exc start _end) )
;; (define (frame-src-loc exc frame) )
;; SWANK側のプロトコルをでっち上げる
(define (slime-changelog-date)
(if (file? slime-changelog)
(let ((fp (open slime-changelog "r")))
(first (parse (read-line fp) " "))
(close fp)))))
(defvar slime-changelog "/usr/share/doc/slime/changelog")
(defvar slime-protocol-version (slime-changelog-date))
(defslimefun connection-info ()
(letex ((_pid (getpid))
(_version (sys-info -2))
(_pv (or (slime-changelog-date) "2009-09-28")))
'(":pid" _pid
":style" nil
":package" (":name" "MAIN"
":prompt" "")
":lisp-implementation" (":type" "newLISP"
":name" "newlisp"
":version" _version)
":machine" (":instance" "" ":type" "" ":version" "")
":features" nil
":version" _pv
(defslimefun create-repl (target)
(set-context "MAIN"))
(defslimefun swank-require (modules filename)
(defslimefun default-directory ()
(defslimefun set-default-directory (dir)
(unless (change-dir dir)
(log-event "change-dir: `%s' %s\n" dir (error-text (sys-error))))
(defslimefun load-file (filename)
(load filename))
(defslimefun quit-lisp ()
;;;; Evaluation
(defvar *buffer-context* MAIN) ; *buffer-package*
(defvar *error-object* (sym "#:ERR"))
(define (error? obj) (= obj *error-object*))
;; FIXME: 'MAIN:foo をコンテキスト表記なしで表示したい
;; 'MAIN:foo -> 'foo
(define (eval-string-for-emacs str)
(let ((value
(eval-string str *buffer-context* *error-object*)))
((error? value)
(log-event "EVAL-STRING ERROR [%s]: %s\n"
(string *buffer-context*)
(error-text (last-error)))
(error-text (eval-error)))
(to-string value)))
(set-context-maybe str))))
(define (set-context cname)
"Set context named str-context.
Return the context-name and the string to use in the prompt."
(let ((ctx (or (find-context cname)
(log-event (string "set-context: " cname " not found\n"))
(setf *buffer-context* ctx)
(list (term ctx) (context-string-for-prompt ctx))))
(define (set-context-maybe str)
(when (regex "\\(context '?(\\w+)\\)" str)
(let (cname (find-context (last (read-expr $0))))
(set-context cname)
(emacs-new-package cname))))
(define (context-string-for-prompt ctx)
(or (context? ctx)
(setq ctx (find-context ctx)))
(if (= ctx MAIN) "" (string ctx)))
;; > (+ 1 2 3 nil) => #:ERR
;; > (println (error-text (last-error)))
;; ERR: value expected in function + : nil
;; called from user defined function swank:eval-string-for-emacs
;; called from user defined function swank:listener-eval
;; called from user defined function swank:dispatch-event
;; called from user defined function swank:serve-requests
;; called from user defined function swank:setup-server
;; called from user defined function swank:start-server
;; > (println (error-text (eval-error)))
;; ERR: invalid function
(define (eval-error)
"Reports the last error without swank-server error."
(let ((err (last-error)))
(when err
(list (error-number err)
(first (parse (error-text err) "\n"))))))
;; or eval-for-emacs
(define (emacs-rex form ctx thread-id id)
(local (error-handler)
(or (catch
(letex ((_expr (eval form))
(_id id))
(send-to-emacs '(":return" (":ok" _expr) _id)))
(letex ((_id id)) ; error occurred at (EVAL FORM)
(log-event "ABORT: %s\n" error-handler)
;; (send-to-emacs '(":write-string" "; Evaluation aborted.\n" ":repl-result")) ; 重複っぽい
(send-to-emacs '(":return" (":abort") _id)))
(defslimefun interactive-eval (str)
(eval-region str))
(defslimefun interactive-eval-region (str)
(interactive-eval str))
(define (eval-region str)
(lambda ()
(eval-string-for-emacs str)))))
(map set '(repl-input repl-output) (pipe))
(define-macro (with-output-to-repl)
(letex ((_body (cons 'begin (args))))
(let ((src (device)))
(device repl-output) ; printなどの出力先を擬似的に変更する
(write-repl-output repl-input))
(device src)))))
(define (write-repl-output stream)
(let ((buf ""))
(while (listen stream)
(write buf (char (read-utf8 stream))))
(unless (= buf "")
(emacs-write-string buf))))
(define (track-context func)
(let ((old *buffer-context*))
(if (!= old *buffer-context*)
(emacs-new-package *buffer-context*)))))
;; C-u C-x C-e
(defslimefun eval-and-grab-output (str)
(listener-eval str))
(defslimefun throw-to-toplevel ()
(throw 'swank-toplevel))
;;;; Listener eval
(defslimefun listener-eval (str)
(letex ((_value (eval-region str)))
'(":values" _value)))
(defslimefun buffer-first-change (filename) nil)
;;;; Compilation
;; (define (swank-compile-string str &key buffer position directory) nil)
(define (swank-compile-file filename load-p external-format) nil)
(define (find-external-format coding-system) :default)
(define (guess-external-format filename) nil)
(defslimefun compile-string-for-emacs (str buffer pos dir)
(eval-string-for-emacs str)
'("T" "0.01")) ; ?
;; *** This function Removed at 2008-07-16 (see SLIME Changelog)
(defslimefun compiler-notes-for-emacs () nil)
;; snarf-string
;; call-compiler
(defslimefun simple-completions (str package) '(nil nil))
(defslimefun list-all-package-names (str)
(map name (list-all-contexts)))
(define (list-all-contexts)
(filter context? (map eval (symbols MAIN))))
(defslimefun set-package (str-context)
(set-context str-context))
;;;; Streams
(define (make-fn-streams input-fn output-fn) nil)
(define (make-stream-interactive stream) nil)
;;; Arglist
(defslimefun operator-arglist (fname ctx)
(let* ((*buffer-context* (or (find-context ctx)
(symbol (read-expr fname *buffer-context* nil))
(alist (arglist symbol)))
(cond ((list? alist) (to-string (cons symbol alist)))
("else" "nil"))))
;; @syntax (raw-specs &key arg-indices print-right-margin print-lines)
(defslimefun arglist-for-echo-area (raw-specs)
(let ((lst (match '((?) *) raw-specs)))
(and lst
(let* ((symbol (read-expr (first lst) *buffer-context* nil))
(alist (arglist symbol)))
(and (!= alist nil)
(to-string (cons symbol alist))))
;;;; Documentation
(define (arglist fname)
"Return function arguments list."
(let ((def (eval fname)))
(cond ((or (lambda? def) (macro? def))
(first def))
("else" nil)))) ; ":not-available"
;; (load "arglist.lsp")
;; (load "")
;; (define swank:arglist MAIN:arglist)
(define (function-name function) nil)
(define (macroexpand-all form) nil)
(define (compiler-macroexpand-1 form &optional e) nil)
(define (compiler-macroexpand form &optional e) nil)
(define (describe-symbol-for-emacs symbol) nil)
(define (describe-definition def-name type) nil)
(define (variable-desc-for-echo-area) nil)
;; (defslimefun find-definitions-for-emacs (str) "./swank-newlisp.lsp")
;;;; Fuzzy Symbol Completion
;; see: contrib/swank-fuzzy.lisp
(defslimefun fuzzy-completions
(str default-package-name &key limit time-limit-in-msec)
'(() nil) )
;;;; Macroexpansion
(defslimefun swank-macroexpand-1 (str) nil)
;;;; Debugging
;;;; XREF
(define (who-calls function-name) nil)
(define (who-references variable-name) nil)
(define (who-binds variable-name) nil)
(define (who-sets variable-name) nil)
(define (who-macroexpands macro-name) nil)
(define (who-specializes class-name) nil)
(define (list-callers function-name) nil)
(define (list-callees function-name) nil)
;;;; Profiling
(define (profile fname) nil)
(define (profiled-functions) nil)
(define (unprofile fname) nil)
(define (unprofile-all) nil)
(define (profile-report) nil)
(define (profile-reset) nil)
(define (profile-package package callers-p methods) nil)
;;;; Apropos
(defslimefun apropos-list-for-emacs
(pattern only-external? case-sensitive? package)
;;;; Inspector
;;;; Multithreading
;;;; Auxilary functions
(define (swank:io-speed-test (n 1000) (m 1)) nil)
(define (save-image filename (restart-function nil))
(save filename))
(define ignore (lambda () nil))
(define cl:defparameter define)
(define cl:compile ignore)
(define cl:foobar ignore)
(define cl:m-v-l ignore)
(define (cl:lisp-implementation-type) "newLISP")
(define (cl:class-name class) nil)
(define cl:aref ignore)
(define cl:loop ignore)
;; (signal (constant 'SIGINT 2) exit)
(context MAIN)
;;; swank-newlisp.lsp ends here.
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