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kosh04 committed Oct 7, 2010
1 parent fd1f776 commit 0ecee773866cdd41c6f4b1def0f025f6f333164d
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@@ -285,55 +285,49 @@ This function is not available on Win32."
;; newlisp-font-lock-keywords (lisp-font-lock-keywords)
(defvar newlisp-primitive-keywords
;; newLISP v.10.1.14 on Linux IPv4/6 UTF-8
+ ;; $ newlisp -n
;; > (map term (filter (lambda (s) (primitive? (eval s))) (symbols MAIN)))
;; - define define-macro
- '("!" "$" "%" "&" "*" "+" "++" "-" "--" "/" ":" "<<" ">>" "NaN?" "^" "_!=" "_<" "_<="
- "_=" "_>" "_>=" "abort" "abs" "acos" "acosh" "add" "address" "amb" "and" "append"
- "append-file" "apply" "args" "array" "array->list" "array-list" "array?" "asin"
- "asinh" "assoc" "atan" "atan2" "atanh" "atom?" "base64-dec" "base64-enc" "bayes-query"
- "bayes-train" "begin" "beta" "betai" "bind" "binomial" "bits" "butlast" "callback"
- "case" "catch" "cdr" "ceil" "change-dir" "char" "char-code" "chop" "clean" "close"
- "code-char" "command-event" "compile-regexp" "cond" "cons" "constant" "context"
- "context?" "copy" "copy-file" "copy-seq" "cos" "cosh" "count" "cpymem" "crc32" "crit-chi2"
- "crit-z" "current-line" "curry" "date" "date-list" "date-parse" "date-value" "debug"
- "dec" "decf" "def-new" "default"
+ '("!" "!=" "$" "%" "&" "*" "+" "++" "-" "--" "/" ":" "<" "<<" "<=" "=" ">" ">=" ">>"
+ "NaN?" "^" "abort" "abs" "acos" "acosh" "add" "address" "amb" "and" "append" "append-file"
+ "apply" "args" "array" "array-list" "array?" "asin" "asinh" "assoc" "atan" "atan2"
+ "atanh" "atom?" "base64-dec" "base64-enc" "bayes-query" "bayes-train" "begin" "beta"
+ "betai" "bind" "binomial" "bits" "callback" "case" "catch" "ceil" "change-dir" "char"
+ "chop" "clean" "close" "command-event" "cond" "cons" "constant" "context" "context?"
+ "copy" "copy-file" "cos" "cosh" "count" "cpymem" "crc32" "crit-chi2" "crit-z" "current-line"
+ "curry" "date" "date-list" "date-parse" "date-value" "debug" "dec" "def-new" "default"
;; "define" "define-macro"
- "delete" "delete-file"
- "delete-url" "destroy" "det" "device" "difference" "directory" "directory?" "div"
- "do-until" "do-while" "doargs" "dolist" "dostring" "dosymbols" "dotimes" "dotree"
- "dump" "dup" "empty?" "encrypt" "ends-with" "env" "eq" "eql" "equal" "erf" "error-event"
- "eval" "eval-string" "every" "exec" "exists" "exit" "exp" "expand" "explode" "export"
- "expt" "extend" "factor" "fflush" "fft" "file-info" "file?" "filter" "find" "find-all"
- "find-if" "first" "flat" "float" "float?" "floor" "flt" "for" "for-all" "format"
- "fv" "gammai" "gammaln" "gcd" "get-char" "get-float" "get-int" "get-long" "get-string"
- "get-url" "get-url!" "global" "global?" "if" "if-not" "ifft" "import" "inc" "incf"
- "index" "inf?" "int" "integer" "integer?" "intern" "intersect" "intersection" "invert"
- "irr" "join" "lambda?" "last" "last-error" "legal?" "length" "let" "let*" "letex"
- "letn" "list" "list?" "load" "local" "locale" "log" "logand" "logior" "lognot" "logxor"
- "lookup" "lower-case" "macro?" "main-args" "make-dir" "map" "mat" "match" "max"
- "member" "min" "mod" "mul" "multiply" "net-accept" "net-close" "net-connect" "net-error"
- "net-eval" "net-interface" "net-ipv" "net-listen" "net-local" "net-lookup" "net-packet"
- "net-peek" "net-peer" "net-receive" "net-receive-from" "net-receive-udp"
- "net-select" "net-send" "net-send-to" "net-send-udp" "net-service" "net-sessions"
- "new" "nil?" "normal" "not" "now" "nper" "npv" "nslookup" "nth" "null?" "number?"
- "open" "or" "pack" "parse" "pipe" "pmt" "pop" "pop-assoc" "position"
- "post-url" "pow" "pprint" "prefix" "pretty-print" "primitive?" "print" "printf"
- "println" "prob-chi2" "prob-z" "process" "progn" "prompt-event" "protected?" "push"
- "put-url" "pv" "quote" "quote?" "rand" "random" "randomize" "read" "read-buffer"
- "read-char" "read-expr" "read-file" "read-from-string" "read-key" "read-line" "read-utf8"
- "reader-event" "real-path" "receive" "ref" "ref-all" "regex" "regex-comp" "remove-dir"
- "remove-duplicates" "remove-if" "remove-if-not" "rename-file" "replace" "reset"
- "rest" "reverse" "rotate" "rotatef" "round" "save" "search" "seed" "seek" "select"
- "self" "semaphore" "send" "seq" "sequence" "series" "set" "set-default-directory"
- "set-difference" "set-locale" "set-ref" "set-ref-all" "setf" "setq" "sgn" "share"
- "signal" "silent" "sin" "sinh" "sleep" "slice" "sort" "source" "spawn" "split-string"
- "sqrt" "starts-with" "string" "string-capitalize" "string-downcase" "string-upcase"
- "string?" "sub" "swap" "sym" "symbol-name" "symbol-package" "symbol?" "symbols"
- "sync" "sys-error" "sys-info" "tan" "tanh" "term" "throw" "throw-error" "time" "time-of-day"
- "timer" "title-case" "trace" "trace-highlight" "transpose" "trim" "true?" "unicode"
- "unify" "unique" "unless" "unpack" "until" "upper-case" "utf8" "utf8len" "uuid"
- "valid?" "when" "while" "write" "write-buffer" "write-char" "write-file"
- "write-line" "xfer-event" "xml-error" "xml-parse" "xml-type-tags" "zero?" "|" "~")
+ "delete" "delete-file" "delete-url" "destroy" "det" "device"
+ "difference" "directory" "directory?" "div" "do-until" "do-while" "doargs" "dolist"
+ "dostring" "dotimes" "dotree" "dump" "dup" "empty?" "encrypt" "ends-with" "env"
+ "erf" "error-event" "eval" "eval-string" "exec" "exists" "exit" "exp" "expand" "explode"
+ "extend" "factor" "fft" "file-info" "file?" "filter" "find" "find-all" "first" "flat"
+ "float" "float?" "floor" "flt" "for" "for-all" "format" "fv" "gammai" "gammaln" ; "fork"
+ "gcd" "get-char" "get-float" "get-int" "get-long" "get-string" "get-url" "global"
+ "global?" "if" "if-not" "ifft" "import" "inc" "index" "inf?" "int" "integer" "integer?"
+ "intersect" "invert" "irr" "join" "lambda?" "last" "last-error" "legal?" "length"
+ "let" "letex" "letn" "list" "list?" "load" "local" "log" "lookup" "lower-case" "macro?"
+ "main-args" "make-dir" "map" "mat" "match" "max" "member" "min" "mod" "mul" "multiply"
+ "net-accept" "net-close" "net-connect" "net-error" "net-eval" "net-interface" "net-ipv"
+ "net-listen" "net-local" "net-lookup" "net-packet" "net-peek" "net-peer" ; "net-ping"
+ "net-receive" "net-receive-from" "net-receive-udp" "net-select" "net-send" "net-send-to"
+ "net-send-udp" "net-service" "net-sessions" "new" "nil?" "normal" "not" "now" "nper"
+ "npv" "nth" "null?" "number?" "open" "or" "pack" "parse" "pipe" ; "peek" "parse-date"
+ "pmt" "pop" "pop-assoc" "post-url" "pow" "prefix" "pretty-print" "primitive?" "print"
+ "println" "prob-chi2" "prob-z" "process" "prompt-event" "protected?" "push" "put-url"
+ "pv" "quote" "quote?" "rand" "random" "randomize" "read" "read-buffer" "read-char"
+ "read-expr" "read-file" "read-key" "read-line" "read-utf8" "reader-event" "real-path"
+ "receive" "ref" "ref-all" "regex" "regex-comp" "remove-dir" "rename-file" "replace"
+ "reset" "rest" "reverse" "rotate" "round" "save" "search" "seed" "seek" "select"
+ "self" "semaphore" "send" "sequence" "series" "set" "set-locale" "set-ref" "set-ref-all"
+ "setf" "setq" "sgn" "share" "signal" "silent" "sin" "sinh" "sleep" "slice" "sort"
+ "source" "spawn" "sqrt" "starts-with" "string" "string?" "sub" "swap" "sym" "symbol?"
+ "symbols" "sync" "sys-error" "sys-info" "tan" "tanh" "term" "throw" "throw-error"
+ "time" "time-of-day" "timer" "title-case" "trace" "trace-highlight" "transpose"
+ "trim" "true?" "unicode" "unify" "unique" "unless" "unpack" "until" "upper-case"
+ "utf8" "utf8len" "uuid" "when" "while" "write" "write-buffer" "write-char" ; "wait-pid"
+ "write-file" "write-line" "xfer-event" "xml-error" "xml-parse" "xml-type-tags" "zero?"
+ "|" "~")
"newLISP primitive keyword list.")
(defvar newlisp-lambda-keywords
'("define" "lambda" "fn" "fn-macro" "define-macro" "lambda-macro"))

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