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Require and newlisp-mode #1

cryptorick opened this Issue Jun 4, 2013 · 5 comments

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Hi kosh!

I just realized that you renamed your repo newlisp-files to newlisp-mode.el when I tried today to do a git clone of newlisp-files (the old name). :)

My issue is that now, in my .emacs file, when I say (require 'newlisp), Emacs (on Windoze) will complain that it cannot find "newlisp" and drop into the debugger. This ceased to be a problem after I renamed the Emacs Lisp code file from newlisp-mode.el to newlisp.el. I was surprised that require, which at first surely tried to load newlisp.el, did not also try to load newlisp-mode.el when it couldn't find newlisp.el.

Therefore, I recommend that you to rename the .el (Emacs Lisp code) file from newlisp-mode.el back to newlisp.el.

In addition, I would recommend that you rename the repo (not the Emacs Lisp file) from newlisp-mode.el to newlisp-mode. However, this rename is not as essential as the other one, since I can git clone git:// newlisp-mode.

By the way, I am "rickyboy" on the newLISP Fan Club (discussion board) and I have already thanked you there for your very nice newLISP mode for Emacs, but I thank you again here! :)

Best, --Rick (rickyboy)

kosh04 commented Jun 5, 2013

Hi rickboy. thank you for using this snippet :)

Yesterday commit was inprogress. please re-cloned the repository.
and delete elisp byte-compile file (*.elc) or recompile, if it exists.
then put following into your .emacs instead of (require 'newlisp)

(require 'newlisp-mode)

I recommend that you to rename the .el (Emacs Lisp code) file from newlisp-mode.el back to newlisp.el.

The filename XXX-mode.el is default elisp progmode's filename. (e.g. cc-mode.el, perl-mode.el, ...)
Therefore, I think naming newlisp-mode.el is more descriptive than newlisp.el.

(Please wait reply to additional request.)


Yes, I can do a (require 'newlisp-mode) because you changed the provide call to (provide 'newlisp-mode). Very good. Thanks!


kosh, then you are right NOT to rename newlisp-mode.el to newlisp.el. The file should be named newlisp-mode.el -- as you have it now -- because you have renamed the feature to newlisp-mode (i.e. (provide 'newlisp-mode)).


I tested the new change on my Windoze desktop, and it works! Thank you!

Now, what remains are only suggestions (not essential/not necessary), namely:

  • Please consider renaming the repo from newlisp-mode.el to newlisp-mode.
  • Please consider adding the following line to the definition of newlisp-mode-map. (define-key map "\C-c\C-b" 'newlisp-eval-buffer)

Thanks for your consideration, --rickyboy

@kosh04 kosh04 added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 9, 2013
@kosh04 Add keymap #1 24ef926

Excellent! Thank you!

@cryptorick cryptorick closed this Jun 20, 2013
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