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SLP Token Icons

A hosted repository of all known SLP token icons. All tokens added here will be served via a censorship resistant endpoint located at

Adding your icon

Create a version of your icon (must be a PNG) in 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 and "original" (more than or equal to 128x128) and add them to their respective folders in a pull request. If you have a SVG file, feel free to add that too (though SVG's will not be served from the endpoint).

Have a NFT icon?

Since a lot of NFT Groups have too many children, they will have to run their own icon repositories. Contact the creators of to get your NFT icon added to all NFT-supported services.

Endpoint Usage

The endpoint will automatically resize and losslessly optimize the photos it serves.

Your icon will be available from {size} / {txid} . {format}

  • {size} can be any number from 1-1700 (or "original" for the biggest version available)

  • {txid} is the transaction id of the token genesis transaction (aka token id)

  • {format} can be png, jpg, tiff or webp (endpoint will properly convert from png)


Services using slp-token-icons, Pokket.Cash, and many others.