Bootstraps a VirtualBox instance for Google App Engine Python development
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Ubuntu + Python v2.5 + Google App Engine Python SDK

This Vagrant recipe lets you build VirtualBox instances with Google App Engine Python SDK installed together with all its dependencies.


Currently the GAE Python SDK requires python2.5 which unfortunately is NOT available in typical ( Vagrant baseboxes. To get around this we add Felix Krull's "deadsnakes" backports PPA as a package source and tweak our hashbangs accordingly.

Typical usage

vagrant up
# Wait while provisioning finishes ...

Port forwarding comes set up like (host):8080 -> (vagrantbox):8080, however because binds explicitly to it might not be able to send packets back to the host. For that reason, just tell the appserver to bind to all addresses instead:

vagrant ssh -a /vagrant/my_gae_python_app