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# Must have in .zshrc
# export GAE_SDK=/Users/mikko/Work/Projects/gaesdk
# export GAE_PASS="xxx"
# export GAE_EMAIL=""
# TODO: not very safe
alias gaeup="echo $GAE_PASS|$GAE_SDK/ update . --email=$GAE_EMAIL --passin"
alias gaeupdate="$GAE_SDK/ update ."
alias gaedev="python2.5 $GAE_SDK/ ."
alias gaeapi="python2.5 $GAE_SDK/google/appengine/tools/"
# helpers for bulkloader
# usage gaebulkdl Kind appname
function gaebulkdl() {
echo $GAE_PASS|$GAE_SDK/ --dump --kind $1 --filename=$1.bin --url=http://$ --email=$GAE_EMAIL --passin
# usage gaebulkup Kind app_id email
function gaebulkup() {
echo $5|$GAE_SDK/ --restore --kind=$1 --filename=$1.bin --url=http://$2/_ah/remote_api --application=$3 --email=$4 --passin
# remove all python files in current folder
alias rmpyc="find . -name '*.pyc' -print0|xargs -0 rm"