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Here, {HOME} and {LHS2TEX} denote the current values of these two
environment variables HOME and LHS2TEX. The double slash at the end of
each dir means that subdirectories are also scanned. If lhs2TeX is
installed to a non-standard path, you might want to set the
environment variable "LHS2TEX" to point to the directory where
"lhs2TeX.fmt" and the other library files have been installed to.
To be able to use ``poly'' style, the two LaTeX
packages "polytable.sty" and "lazylist.sty" are required!
Both are included in the lhs2TeX distribution (they are not part of
standard LaTeX distributions, although they are available from
CTAN), and are usually installed during the normal procedure. The
configure script will determine whether a suitably recent version of
polytable is installed on your system, and if necessary, install
both "polytable.sty" and "lazylist.sty" to your TeX system. If this
is not desired or fails (because the script cannot detect your TeX
installation properly), the installation of these files can be
disabled by passing the option "--disable-polytable" to
"configure". In this case, the two files must be manually installed to
a location where your TeX distribution will find them. Assuming
that you have a local TeX tree at "/usr/local/share/texmf", this can
usually be avhieved by placing the files in the directory
"/usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/polytable" and subsequently running
to update the TeX filename database.
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