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Javascript library for selecting duration. Target input to which plugin is applied will contain duration in seconds.

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Using Bower:

bower install bootstrap-duration-picker

Using NPM:

npm install bootstrap-duration-picker

Or simply copy bootstrap-duration-picker.css and bootstrap-duration-picker.js files to your project.




  • jQuery 1.*
  • Bootstrap 3.* (for styling only)



// or

    // optional object with translations (English is used by default)
    translations: {
        day: 'dia',
        hour: 'hora',
        minute: 'minuto',
        second: 'segundo',
        days: 'dias',
        hours: 'horas',
        minutes: 'minutos',
        seconds: 'segundos',

    // defines whether to show seconds or not
    showSeconds: false,

    // defines whether to show days or not
    showDays: true,

    // callback function that triggers every time duration is changed 
    //   value - duration in seconds
    //   isInitializing - bool value
    onChanged: function (value, isInitializing) {
        // isInitializing will be `true` when the plugin is initialized for the
        // first time or when it's re-initialized by calling `setValue` method
        console.log(value, isInitializing);

Public methods

Method Example Description
setValue $('#selector').data('durationPicker').setValue(0); Allows to reinitialize duration picker value after it's been created. Accepts new number of seconds
destroy $('#selector').data('durationPicker').destroy(); Destroys the plugin, reverting any DOM changes made by the plugin


Please see LICENSE for licensing details.