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Shovel Engine

A very work-in-progress voxel engine, my first major C/C++ project as well.

Written with a very limited C-like subset of C++. No OOP, just ECS.

The one notable thing about this is the greedy mesher that I got to mesh chunks of 64^3 voxels in 10-15ms on a Pentium G4560, or 512x256x512 in 600ms on a Ryzen 1600 (FYI that is really damn fast)

Built using old school Makefiles, compiled with GCC (MinGW-w64), written in Sublimetext 3. I can't stand MSVC.


I actually really dislike how the code ended up, I'm rewriting it all again to just pure C. Why C? I just like C. Also build tools, CMake is the way to go. So this repo is dead.


Greedy meshing and MC-style baked AO image 380FPS with a RX480 image Debugging player collisions and text rendering image


Due to my foolish use of proprietary Consolas font and the questionable inclusion of the libraries used, this shouldn't be public here at all (and wasn't until my github educational license ran out). I cannot give this a free license for now.