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This is an abandoned start of a voxel multiplayer game engine written completetly in Javascript. The very earliest versions originate to late 2015 (i was 16 back then). It was primarily a learning tool without a real goal. I hoped to one day possibly to make it into a Ace of Spades 0.75 clone (thus the name), so far that hasn't happened. In summer of 2017 I decided to rewrite and redesing this in C++ and release this for public amusement.

There is very little comments and no documentation at all. Feel free to ask me how things work if someone somewhy decides to do something with this.

You can try it at http://kosshi.net/experiments/webshovel/client.html

Features and stuff

  • It runs suprisingly well
  • World and meshing is managed by a webworker leading to zero stutter on chunk updates
  • Very basic multiplayer, terrain is synchronized and other players are visible as wireframe rectangles
  • Swept AABB based playercollisions. There's is some bugs related to float rounding errors tho.
  • Quake-style strafe-jumping mechanics that dont work quite right, but are fun enough
  • Over-engieneered bandwidth efficient networking
  • Saveable serverside terrain (type save in the server cmd)
  • Ugly bitmap text renderer, overlaying HTML (or anything) performs suprisingly badly
  • 4tap texturing and culled meshing, idea and some code by 0fps
  • A lot of obscure interesting features that nobody needs (like my fancy input configs inspired by the Source engine)
  • You can override some settings by setting them in the url, eg /client.html?ip=kosshi.fi:8080,more=settigns. There's a handful of options that will moslty break things, you can find them in the src/client/settings.js file

How to run it


Should work both on Linux and Windows


Publish this whole thing on a web server and access it on a browser. Note: HTTPS Doesn't work.