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KOSS Chat Bot. WIP.
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Facebook Messenger Bot

We are building a chat bot for the KOSS Fb page to automate messages. Work in progress.

Run this bot for your page

Follow this link :

Environment Variables for heroku

APIAI_CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN = client access token from
FB_ACCESS_TOKEN = Facebook app access token
PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN = The page access token of your facebook page
VERIFY_TOKEN = The verification token made while making a webhook

What it can do

  1. If the message contains gsoc or google summer of code it replies with metakgp wiki link of gsoc.
  2. If the message contains dc and hub and add it replies with the current Hit Hi Fit Hai dc hub address.
  3. From the menu you can choose Facing development issues and then enter your query and bot will reply with search results from stackoverflow.

Installing it

Make sure you have python2 in your system. If the default python you use is python3 ie. when you type python --version in the terminal and it shows "python 3.x.x" then install python2 specifically by sudo apt-get install python2. After that use virtualenv to make sure that everytime you are in a terminal session, python refers to python2 for all its dependencies rather than python3.

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