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Error in jQuery document ready handler in Rails 4 #26

nickurban opened this Issue · 7 comments

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This worked fine in Rails 3.2. I'm updating to Rails 4 and experiencing an error in my document ready handlers. If I remove jquery.turbolinks from my application.js, the error goes away.

behavior.js is a file with a declaration like this:

jQuery(function($) {

On page load, I get the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function behavior.js?body=1:2
(anonymous function) behavior.js?body=1:2
jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js?body=1:5096
elemData.handle jquery.js?body=1:4767
jQuery.event.trigger jquery.js?body=1:5008
(anonymous function) jquery.js?body=1:5692
jQuery.extend.each jquery.js?body=1:658
jQuery.fn.jQuery.each jquery.js?body=1:267
jQuery.fn.extend.trigger jquery.js?body=1:5691
$.turbo.onLoad jquery.turbolinks.js?body=1:33
fire jquery.js?body=1:3049
self.fireWith jquery.js?body=1:3161
jQuery.extend.ready jquery.js?body=1:434
completed jquery.js?body=1:105

I downgraded to 1.0 and it's working again, so this seems like a 2.0 problem.


Oh man, seems like jQuery(function($) { .. }) isn't working anymore as part of the move to use jQuery's own triggering mechanism for 2.0.

@rstacruz rstacruz closed this in 41953e7

Just issued a fix. See if this helps—it should now work as expected.

For now, you'll need to upgrade to the latest unreleased version to try it out.

gem 'jquery-turbolinks', github: 'kossnocorp/jquery.turbolinks'
$ bundle update jquery-turbolinks

Thanks, that seems to work.


@kossnocorp I've bumped to v2.0.1 (and even drafted a release in /releases) — feel free to rake release whenever :)


@rstacruz thanks!



That didn't work for me, still have the same issue.

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