Password guessers for popular vulnerability scanners and frameworks: Find the password for your favourite vulnscanners: OpenVAS, Nessus, NeXpose or Metasploit
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Password crackers for popular vulnerability scanners.
Copyright (C) Vlatko Kosturjak, Kost. Distributed under GPL.
NSE scripts are released under Nmap Public License.

Find the password for your favourite vulnerability scanner:
- OpenVAS
- Nessus
- NeXpose 
and exploitation frameworks:
- Metasploit XMLRPC

Regarding NSE scripts:
- All the scripts are now part of nmap (therefore I suggest to use
  versions found in nmap), so removed from head
  (you can still get them through git history if you need them for
   any strange reason)
- You have to run version checking (-sV)
- You have to force Nmap to use SSL for XMLRPC guessing in