Wall of Sheep/Shame implemented in Perl with different modes: HTML, CGI and standalone web server
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Simple Wall of Sheep/Shame written in Perl.
(C) Kost (kost.com.hr). Distributed under GPL. 

It can be run in HTML, CGI and web server mode.
Uses ettercap for actual sniffing, it just displays results.

You need to feed this script with ettercap log file. Few examples:
ettercap -Tq -m sniff.log
ettercap -Tq -m sniff.log -M arp /gateway-IP/ //.

After that, you need to start wall of sheep (in mode you preffer):

HTML mode:
while true; do (./wall-of-sheep.pl --html --url > /var/www/wos.html) ; sleep 10; done

Web server mode:
./wall-of-sheep.pl --host --log sniff.log

Note that this implementation should be used with care. 
It's still DoS vulnerable... (Feel free to send patch!)