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Aether is a lightweight and easy-to-use method for efficiently bidding on underutilized cloud computing resources. Through optimized instance bidding, Aether is able to reduce cloud computing costs by nearly ninety percent. By enabling users to distribute jobs across different cloud providers, Aether offers unprecedented flexibility.


Information on installation, along with an introductory tutorial, may be found here.

Issues and Contributions

We use GitHub issue tracking for managing bugs and features requests. If you would like to submit an issue or contribute code to Aether, first read our community guidelines and issue template.

Additional Information

Documentation and guides for Aether may be found here. For a more in-depth discussion of Aether, look for our forthcoming publication. When it is available, a link to it will be added to this page.


If you use Aether, please cite our manuscript in OUP Bioinformatics:

Jacob M Luber, Braden T Tierney, Evan M Cofer, Chirag J Patel, Aleksandar D Kostic; Aether: Leveraging Linear Programming For Optimal Cloud Computing In Genomics, Bioinformatics, btx787,

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