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Note: If your issue is a broad question beyond the scope fo this project (e.g., how to code Python), consider searching StackOverflow instead of filing an issue on GitHub. If you do submit an issue, please use a specific title that is relevant to the issue. If possible, tag your issue. Tag documentation issues with the question label, bugs with the bug label, and feature requests with the enhancement label. Other issues should be tagged with the help wanted label. Lastly, before submitting an issue, make sure to use the markdown template located at the end of this file. An explanation for each of the sections is provided immediately below.

Issue Type:

  • Specify whether your issue is about documentation, a bug, a feature request, or other.

Release Version:

  • Ensure that you are using the most current distribution of Aether. You can update it by pulling the newest code from GitHub.
  • If the bug persists in newer releases, and you are not using the most up-to-date distribution, please provide a link to the release you used.
  • If you are using a development release version, please note that.
  • Make sure to include this information for any issue you file.


  • Include a detailed description of your bug and environment.
  • If possible, include a description of the operating system and cloud services that you were using, along with the scale of distributed work.
  • For a feature request, include a description of the feature here, but do not list other information such as benefits of adding the feature or the implementation details.


  • Include the code you ran or a link to a GitHub Gist so we can re-run and reproduce the bug you encountered.
  • This can generally be left blank for documentation requests.
  • A successful feature request will generally include some amount of contextual information, a pseudocode example, implementation requirements, or a full implementation.


  • If you were able to fix a bug in our source code, please file a pull request. Conversely, if you were able to fix the bug without changing our source code, please provide a description of what you did.
  • If you have submitted a pull request to fix your bug, please provide a link to the request in your issue. Conversely, please link the issue number in the commit message and pull request.
  • If this issue is for a feature request, explain how this feature request can be fulfilled, and benefits it would provide.

### Issue Type: Documentation, Bug, Feature Request, or Other

### Release Version: Release information goes here.

### Description: Description goes here.

### Context: Context information goes here.

### Resolution: Resolution information goes here

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