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@kosua20 kosua20 released this Jan 28, 2017

Enhanced handling of resource files:

  • all local files referenced ('src="path/to/file"') in articles are now copied in the corresponding directory and correctly linked.
  • resources files are now updated more aggressively, to allow for replacing updates without having to regenerate the whole site.
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@kosua20 kosua20 released this Dec 28, 2016

This release switches to using a dynamic library for SFTP connection.
Install Thoth in /usr/local/bin and the framework in /usr/local/Frameworks.
Alternatively, you can install Thoth wherever you want, as long as the NMSSH.framework is located in ../Frameworks/ with respect to the executable path.

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@kosua20 kosua20 released this Aug 13, 2016

The release archive include the Thoth binary (to install either in /usr/local/bin/ or wherever you want), along with a demonstration template to use.

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