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kosua20 WebGL version: cleaning and refactoring
Corrected many anti-patterns, thanks to @greggman advices. Removed
unused elements, better initialization of some elements, added some
Latest commit 269b0f4 Aug 1, 2017
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helpers Update webgl version. Feb 19, 2017
textures Add WebGL version. Oct 15, 2016 Update Mar 16, 2017
webgl-demo.js WebGL version: cleaning and refactoring Aug 1, 2017

WebGL version

This is the WebGL 1 version, viewable here

glMatrix.js is used for vectors and matrices computations, and webgl-obj-loader.js for 0BJ loading. Meshes are loaded at launch from their directory, and shaders are stored as strings in a separate Javascript file. The textures resolution has been divided by 2, specular/shininess maps and reflection mapping are also not used, replaced by constant values.

The shadows are computed using the Variance shadow mapping technique, giving smoother results than a simple shadow map.

No interaction in this one for now (TODO: implement a trackball in Javascript).

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