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@kotakanbe kotakanbe released this Jan 12, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release


5070051 fix(oracle): the same slice will only be stored once in the DB (#56)
7a1b58b fix(redhat): add filterByRedHatMajor (#55)
eff7f86 Add -no-details (#54)
0072c14 update deps
2d409e6 fix(rdb): col type varchar to text
16c4cc1 Add format of Usage select (#52)
f6bb644 Fix Debian model name (#51)

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@kotakanbe kotakanbe released this Aug 27, 2018 · 8 commits to master since this release


818624d bump up version
c5a069a fix(release): fix .goreleaser.yml
e59baff update go version in .travis.yml
0b28496 fix(fetcher): fix URL of alpine sec-db
cb1aaa4 fix(fetch-ubuntu): fix fetch error more_info is too long (#49)
6f5c6e7 fix(fetch): fix 403 while fetching redhat oval (#48)
62da301 fixing grammar (#47)
c462c07 fix(fetch): chagne parallelism 40 to 30
b8751b9 fix readme
acc0f98 fix(fetch): show log when fetch finished
04a3564 fix(fetch): avoid database is locked. high-speed-fetching #43 (#44)
652b729 Change description size from 4096 to 8192 (#42)
c60a1b8 fix(db): no wal mode with SQLite3 backend to avoid database is locked
3d59a58 Add Dockerfile (#41)
f3255b2 Update Deps
3ef4002 Gopkg.toml diet
da00f5d fix(db): check whether sqlit3 is locked before fetching
6f9ce97 fix(db): don't return an error when no record found
2ff63bb fix(fetch): tx.Rollback before return from a function to avoid nil pointer #39 (#40)
1e34531 refactor(db): initialize db connection
0f1f75e Update deps
4cd16b2 update readme
55b7f72 feat(fetcher): support Ubuntu18 OVAL (#37)
a7b63a4 add log-json option (#36)
340cef7 Update (#35)
4358b6b fix(fetch): remove a progress bar while fetching because the bar collapses
b12aa87 change log package (#34)
ad20e5b Add goreleaser to distribute binaries (#32)
5f6caf8 fix(redhat): occasionally no cve tag in advisory tag of RedHat OVAL (#31)
67f34a5 Merge branch 'master' of
888295d fix: add validation of creaating logdir
85c1036 fix: change gorm column size of Definition>Description (#30)
e6e5017 fix: access log
eda9803 Update deps
219d6f9 Merge branch 'master' of
3f824ff Update dep
b6ef2b7 Support Amazon Linux RSS (#29)
4685d11 Fix a panic when specify no supported version (#27)
d09dd91 Fix 'fetch-suse -suse-openstack-cloud' was not working (#23)
ee2fcf1 Changed to refer to bzip2 compressed OVAL (#24)
dca4f21 Alpine Support, Bugfix of refreshing RDB (#22)
fd8ff5a Fix a bug for OVAL fetch of SUSE enterprise
d53916f Fix a bug of SUSE Linux
91f18c7 Load SUSE oval from local file
3523cc1 Add memo
7db668f Remove debug message
8781ebb Fix a bug of fetch ubuntu
c7c34a2 add quet option and args environment (#13)
7d3bce2 improve README documentation. (#14)
2a49f1b fix command usage text. (#15)
87b93b3 Update
d2308a8 Merge branch 'master' of

Assets 4
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