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A Dockerfile for Jubatus Classifier.


Without any arguments, it runs in stand-alone mode using PA algorithm.

$ docker run -d -p 9199:9199 kotas/jubatus-classifier

And you can access to the Jubatus RPC via TCP port 9199.


If you want to pass a config file (.json), name it jubatus.json and put it into some directory, and mount the directory by --volume option.

$ touch /path/to/config/jubatus.json
$ docker run -d --volume /path/to/config:/opt/jubatus/etc -p 9199:9199 kotas/jubatus-classifier

Save and load

By default, it uses /opt/jubatus/data as a directory for save and load command.

You can mount this directory to persist the data.

$ mkdir /path/to/data/
$ docker run -d --volume /path/to/data:/opt/jubatus/data -p 9199:9199 kotas/jubatus-classifier


You can pass any options to docker run which are passed to jubaclassifier command.

For example, to run jubaclassifier in cluster mode using ZooKeeper:

$ docker run -d -p 9180:9199 kotas/jubatus-classifier --name=shogun --zookeeper=localhost:2181
$ docker run -d -p 9181:9199 kotas/jubatus-classifier --name=shogun --zookeeper=localhost:2181
$ docker run -d -p 9182:9199 kotas/jubatus-classifier --name=shogun --zookeeper=localhost:2181