Level editor and LibGDX UI toolkit
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VisEditor is a cross platform 2D game level editor. It allows to easily create game scenes using intuitive drag and drop editor.

VisEditor doesn't force you to use a single game framework; scenes are exported in JSON format. Many assets file formats are supported: images, sounds, fonts, particles, GLSL shaders, Spine and Spriter animations with more features coming soon. Box2d physics is supported as well.

See Quick Start guide to get started with using VisEditor.


VisEditor currently have libGDX runtime which uses artemis-odb for entity-component-system framework. With that runtime, you can load your scene in just a few lines of code.

LibGDX runtime source code is a good start if you want to create your own runtime. If you do so, don't forget to let me know and I will gladly link it here.


You can follow Vis development on my Twitter channels: @VisEditor and @kotcrab or read my blog. You can also join our forum and IRC channel!


VisUI is a UI library developed alongside VisEditor. It consists of UI skin and many useful widgets, such as file chooser or color picker. More details can be found on the wiki page.


See also

  • gdx-lml-vis - VisUI extension for gdx-lml, LibGDX Markup Language for UI - web demo
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