Box2d Physics

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Box2d Physics

Start by enabling physics, on menu bar press Scene -> Physics Settings. Then select Physics Enabled checkbox, set gravity if you want (eg. Gravity Y: -9.8) then press Save.

To use physics for entity select it and then press Add Component button in Entity Properties dialog. Add PolygonComponent and PhysicsPropertiesComponent. In properties dialog you will be able to set various Box2d properties (friction, density, body type, fixed rotation etc.) that will be used to create physics body.

Now you have to edit entity polygon that will be used for collisions. To do so select polygon edition tool (triangle button on the toolbar or press F2 key), next in left down corner you will be Polygon Tool settings. Press Set From Bounds to set default polygon shape. You can edit polygon now, drag points and add them by clicking on polygon line. To delete point select it and press delete key.

That's it, now if you export your project and run it, sprites with those two components will have physics enabled. Don't forget to add libGDX Box2d extensions if you haven't done that already! Please note that Box2d versions lower than 1.7.x might not work as expected, try to keep up with the current version.

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