Converting projects from VisEditor 0.2.x

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VisEditor 0.3.0 uses different project format and saves scenes in JSON, for this reason converting project is required before you will be able to use it in VisEditor 0.3.0.

  1. Download VisEditor 0.2.6 with project converter plugin from here.
  2. Go to Settings and enable project-converter plugin then restart VisEditor.
  3. Open your project, press Tools on main menu bar, then select Convert to VisEditor 0.3.0. Selected empty folder where your project will be exported and press Convert.
  4. Once converting has finished you will be able to open new project in VisEditor 0.3.0. Make sure everything were converted as expected by opening and checking out scenes, please report any issues.
  5. If you are using libGDX runtime, update it to 0.3.0 and refactor your code. See CHANGES file. Create thread on our forums if you are stuck or need help with new runtime.
Help, conversion went wrong

Create thread on our forums describing what went wrong, don't forget to include conversion-log.txt, conversion-error-log.txt (located in new project folder) and VisEditor log file.

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