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VisUI 1.1.2

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@kotcrab kotcrab released this 30 Jun 19:02
· 264 commits to master since this release

Version: 1.1.2 (LibGDX 1.9.3)

  • Added: CursorManager
  • Added ScrollableTextArea and HighlightTextArea with Highlighter API
  • Added: VisTextField#setCurosrAtTextEnd(), #getProgrammaticChangeEvents()
  • Added: FileChooser file sorting options available under right click menu
  • Added: FileChooser#setSorting(FileSorting) and #setSortingOrderAscending along with appropriate getters
  • Added: FileChooser#setSaveLastDirectory - allows to automatically remember last directory user browsed between app launches, disabled by default
  • Fixed: VisSplitPane was not restoring default cursor when user dragged pointer outside od pane area
  • Fixed: #188 - same instance of VisDialog couldn't be closed for the second time using close button
  • Fixed: FileChooser NPE when user right clicked last file item after deleting all others files
  • Fixed: FileChooser Duplicated instances of same disk could be visible on list when chooser was displayed right after creating
  • Fixed: #196 - ColorPicker sending old color to listener instead of new
  • Changed: FileChooser in save mode with active file type filter rule will automatically append rule extensions if user have't typed extension or extension was wrong
  • Changed: FileChooser now shows files modified date when using details view mode
  • Changed: FileChooser will no longer show files when selection mode is DIRECTORIES - this behaviour can be changed in DefaultFileFilter
  • Changed: When VisWindow#fadeOut() is called then window touchable is set to disabled. Additionally keyboard focus is reset if any window child Actor owns keyboard focus.
    • This is done to prevent user input after fade out animation has started.
    • After fade out has finished window touchable property will be restored to previous value which was set before fade out started.
  • Skin changes:
    • Added: VisTextArea added style: textArea - no background drawable and focus border is disabled
    • Added: FileChooserStyle added Drawable: contextMenuSelectedItem - used to mark active item in context menu (by default vis-radio-tick)
  • I18N Changes:
    • FileChooser: added keys contextMenuSortBy, sortByName, sortByDate, sortBySize, sortByAscending, sortByDescending
  • Misc: Disabling Android Lint is no longer necessary