A golang client for Backblaze's B2 storage
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A golang client for Backblaze's B2 storage


Some simple examples to get you started. Errors are ommitted for brevity

Import the API package

import "gopkg.in/kothar/go-backblaze.v0"

Create an API client

b2, _ := backblaze.NewB2(backblaze.Credentials{
  AccountID:      accountID,
  ApplicationKey: applicationKey,

Create a bucket

bucket, _ := b2.CreateBucket("test_bucket", backblaze.AllPrivate)

Uploading a file

reader, _ := os.Open(path)
name := filepath.Base(path)
metadata := make(map[string]string)

file, _ := bucket.UploadFile(name, metadata, reader)

All API methods except B2.AuthorizeAccount and Bucket.UploadHashedFile will retry once if authorization fails, which allows the operation to proceed if the current authorization token has expired.

To disable this behaviour, set B2.NoRetry to true

b2 command line client

A test applicaiton has been implemented using this package, and can be found in the /b2 directory. It should provide you with more examples of how to use the API in your own applications.

To install the b2 command, use:

go get -u gopkg.in/kothar/go-backblaze.v0/b2

$ b2 --help
  b2 [OPTIONS] <command>

Application Options:
      --account= The account ID to use [$B2_ACCOUNT_ID]
      --appKey=  The application key to use [$B2_APP_KEY]
  -b, --bucket=  The bucket to access [$B2_BUCKET]
  -d, --debug    Debug API requests
  -v, --verbose  Display verbose output

Help Options:
  -h, --help     Show this help message

Available commands:
  createbucket  Create a new bucket
  delete        Delete a file
  deletebucket  Delete a bucket
  get           Download a file
  list          List files in a bucket
  listbuckets   List buckets in an account
  put           Store a file