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Kothic JS — a full-featured JavaScript map rendering engine using HTML5 Canvas
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Kothic JS is a full-featured JavaScript map rendering engine using HTML5 Canvas. It was initially developed as a JavaScript port of Kothic rendering engine written in Python.

Check out the demo:


Building Kothic

Install Node.js, then run:

npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli

Minified Kothic source will be generated in the dist folder.

Basic usage

Include kothic.js from the dist folder on your page. Now you can call:

	canvas, // canvas element (or its id) to render on
	data, // JSON data to render
	zoom, // zoom level
		onRenderComplete: callback, // (optional) callback to call when rendering is done
    	styles: ['osmosnimki-maps', 'surface'], // (optional) only specified styles will be rendered, if any
    	locales: ['be', 'ru', 'en'] // (optional) map languages, see below

locales Kothic-JS supports map localization based on name:lang tags. Renderer will check all mentioned languages in order of persence. If object doesn't have localized name, name tag will be used.

Contributing to Kothic JS

Kothic JS is licensed under a BSD license, and we'll be glad to accept your contributions!

Core contributors:

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