Browser bugs

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Safari / Windows

Looks like Safari doesn't have public bug tracker. To send another, select "Report to Apple" in browser menu.

If you have an apple dev account (even free), bugs can be reported to

Development of Safari for Windows discontinued.

Safari / Mac

  • Purple area labels are not rendered semi-transparent.

Opera / Windows

Opera doesn't seem to have public bug tracker. To report a problem, go to

Since version 14 Opera moves from Presto to Blink engine.

  • NOT ACTUAL DSK-343323 broken canvas antialiasing. ( 11.50.24661 labs with OpenGL)
  • NOT ACTUAL DSK-343321 text for some labels is blurry. (11.50.1074)
  • NOT ACTUAL text render with JavaScript is so slow (11.50.1074)


Internet Explorer 10

Test cases

Want to check whether your browser has one of those issues?