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Converter of <any kind of declarations> to Kotlin external declarations
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Converter of TypeScript definition files to Kotlin declarations

This requires JRE 1.6+ to run. It generates Kotlin files that are compatible with Kotlin 1.1+ (generated declarations are tested against latest stable compiler version)

How to install

The simplest way to use is install the latest version form npm:

npm install -g dukat


dukat [<options>] <d.ts files>

where possible options include:

    -p  <qualifiedPackageName>      package name for the generated file (by default filename.d.ts renamed to filename.d.kt)
    -m  String                      use this value as @file:JsModule annotation value whenever such annotation occurs
    -d  <path>                      destination directory for files with converted declarations (by default declarations are generated in current directory)
    -v, -version                    print version

How to setup and build

  1. clone this project
git clone <this project url>
  1. build
./gradlew build
  1. (optional) Run unit tests
./gradlew test -Pdukat.test.failure.always

Recent Changes

[0.0.18] - 20'September, 2019

Starting from this release generated files names will match following pattern:


For instance, let's say we have file foo.d.ts in fooController package, and following file is generated: foo.helpers.module_fooController.kt. Then we know that the original file was called foo.d.ts, the file itself belongs to the package "helpers" and npm module is fooController.

[0.0.17] - 16'September, 2019

  • This release contains mainly idl-related changes. The idl target is considered production-ready, however its support is still experimental.

see full CHANGELOG

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