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- title: Hello World
url: helloWorld
- title: Variables
url: variables
- title: String Template
url: stringTemplates
- title: Null Safety
url: nullSafety
- title: Smart Casts
url: smartCasts
- title: Equality Checks
url: equalityChecks
- title: Classes
url: classes
- title: Functions
url: functions
- title: Loops
url: loops
- title: Ranges
url: ranges
- title: Extension Functions and Properties
url: extensionFunctions
- title: Higher-Order functions
url: HigherOrderFunctions
- title: Lambdas
url: lambdas
- title: Named Arguments
url: namedArguments
- title: let Function
url: letFunction
- title: with Function
url: withFunction
- title: Inheritance
url: inheritance
- title: Generics
url: generics
- title: Destructuring
url: destructuring
- title: Enum Classes
url: enums
- title: Sealed Classes
url: sealedClasses
- title: Delegation Pattern
url: delegationPattern
- title: object keyword
url: ObjectKeyword