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KotlinTest Plugins

Sometimes there's a need for special integration with some tools. These integrations are available at the kotlintest-plugins modules and they can be whatever it's necessary to integrate with a specific tool.

Sometimes this is available with less complex integrations, such as using Listeners or Extensions, but in some cases this isn't possible, and thus plugins are necessary.


The Mutation Testing tool Pitest is integrated via plugin with KotlinTest. After configuring the Pitest extension, add the KotlinTest Plugin dependency to your dependencies as well:


After doing that, tell Pitest that we're going to use the KotlinTest as a testPlugin:

// Assuming that you have already configured the Gradle/Maven extension
configure<PitestPluginExtension> {

    testPlugin.set("KotlinTest")    // <-- Telling Pitest that we're using KotlinTest

This should set everything up, and running ./gradlew pitest will generate reports in the way you configured.

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