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How to Contribute

You can contribute in different ways:

  • pick up an issue and do the coding, preferably bugs over features
  • increase the test coverage of KotlinTest itself (but only for real logic)
  • improve the documentation
  • report bugs
  • suggest new features and improvements
  • spread the word

Before creating an issue, please make sure that there is no existing issue with the same topic.

Branching Model

The development is done with release branches. The features of a certain release are developed on a certain feature branch like “release/1.3”. When the features of a feature branch are released, the feature branch is merged into master and the feature branch is deleted.

Project members push directly to the release branch (or master branch) in the main repository. External contributors work on the according branch in their own clone and issue a pull request.

You can, of course, suggest any change by a pull request, but we suggest that you create an issue first. Creating an issue helps to avoid waste of your time.

Coding conventions

We follow the Kotlin Coding Conventions , except the indentation which is only 2 spaces.

  • Minimize mutability
  • Choose self-explanatory names
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